Chainsaw FAQ Guide | Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing that you should know about chainsaws is that they are a type of power saw. Chainsaws have special teeth called “teeth” which cut through wood and other materials.

They’re powered by electricity or gasoline, so you’ll need to make sure the one you buy has an appropriate engine for your needs. There are also different types of chainsaw blades to choose from depending on what kind of material you want to cut through.

Can I use a chainsaw in the rain?

No, you should never use a chainsaw in the rain. This is because it’s not safe for you or your equipment if there are wet materials. It can also be more dangerous to cut through things while they’re still wet since the saw might get stuck inside of them and cause major problems.

You’ll need to wait until everything has dried before using your chainsaw again so that it will work correctly without causing any injury!

Can I use a chainsaw to trim the hedge?

No, you should never use a chainsaw on the hedge. This is because it can damage your saw and you will not be able to get close enough to the hedge with your blade safely. It’s best that you just buy some manual tools for pruning so that you can work carefully around where there are branches!

Can I change my chainsaw’s bar length?

Yes, you can change the bar length on your chainsaw. Some models will allow you to do this without any additional tools, but others will require a wrench or screwdriver for changing it around. You should only make changes if you’ve been given permission by someone who knows about using a saw safely!

When is it best to buy a new chainsaw?

You shouldn’t need to replace your chainsaw until they aren’t working correctly anymore and begin producing large amounts of black smoke from the engine when in use. If it’s having trouble starting up then that means there could be something wrong inside so don’t risk hurting yourself as soon as possible bring both saws back for repairs to a qualified profession!

Can I put my motorized chainsaw into water?

No, you should never bring your chainsaw into water or any other liquid as it can cause damage to the motor which will corrode over time. If you ever accidentally drop your saw in a puddle, don’t turn it on and let if dry off completely before trying to use again!

Can chainsaw cut through metal stuff?

Chainsaws should never be used to cut through metal objects as it can damage the saw. They are only meant to cut wood and other organic materials!

Can chainsaws overheat?

Yes, chainsaws can overheat if they are used for too long or when they need oiling. You should let them cool down completely before using again!

What is kickback?

Kickback happens when the tip of the saw is exposed to resistance, like when it gets stuck in a log. This can cause the chain to kick back and hit you! So never enter a cut with the nose of the bar.

What should I do if my chainsaw stops working?

If your chain starts smoking or stalling out completely, turn off immediately before trying again (it could be overheating). If this keeps happening after oiling, take it to an expert!

Can chainsaw oil go bad?

Yes, chainsaw oil will generally go bad after 6 months . You should always check the expiration date before buying a new bottle!

What are the best chainsaw practices?

Never leave your saw running while unattended. Keep it in an enclosed area where children and animals cannot get to it. Only use oil recommended by the manufacturer, as other oils can damage your chain or be flammable (and potentially dangerous). Always wear protective gear like glasses, gloves, boots etc. when using your saw.

Should I wear chainsaw chaps?

Yes, you should wear chainsaw chaps as this provides extra protection for your legs.

Should I empty chainsaw after use?

No, unless the oil and gas are older than 6 months. Emptying it out after every use is a big waste of time and money.

Should I run my chainsaw dry?

No, you should never run your chainsaw dry as this will cause a lot of friction and damage all the internal parts.

Should I clean my chainsaw after every use?

Yes, you should definitely do this to prevent your saw from being damaged by rust and other contaminants.

What chainsaw should I buy?

This all depends on what you want to do with your chainsaw. if you want to fell trees, buy chainsaw above 16 inches and for pruning it’s recommended to stay under 19 inches long.

When do I need to replace my chainsaw chain?

You should replace your chainsaw chain when the teeth are bent or chipped. Otherwise, just sharpen it using a chain sharpening tool.

Make sure you follow these guidelines for the safe usage of chainsaws! You could seriously injure yourself otherwise.