Protect Your Axe Head – Best Oils & Creams

Are you trying to protect your axe head?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

So, let’s get straight into it!

Best oil for axe head

Best Overall WD40
  • The most affordable option for the all-around tool user
  • Comes with a second bottle, even more bang for your buck
  • Great versatility to use on other metal tools you own
Rem oil
  • Multi-purpose option
  • Not expensive, can be purchased in bulk
  • Provides a great coat for storage or immediate results
  • A multipurpose option you can use on the entire axe
  • Comes with sponges so you can adequately rub in the wax to your head and handle
  • All-natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for you and your axe
  • Very inexpensive
  • Can be used on everything on your axe and even on your body

WD40 (Best Overall)

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With the whole design catered to the idea of water displacement, this is the best option especially when you consider its versatility.  It can be used on any metal object you want to prevent rust with, good for blades and axe heads.

The cost of WD-40 is another huge selling point as it can work on a variety of metals at a low price.  It contains enough mineral oils that you can trust to get the job done when in use in the short term.  These mineral oils are a great shield against corrosion and can significantly better your prevention of rust.

This may not be the best option for those looking for a long-lasting lubricant as the mineral oils do not last beyond one or two uses.  Though since you are working with an axe head and there are no moving parts the lubricant will stick a bit better than with alternative metal tools.

Rem oil

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Rem Oil is made by the Remington Company you may associate with guns.  This oil is specifically designed for a more complex metal contraption.

You can easily clean your whole axe head with this oil; regardless of the temperature, it will be effective.  It’s a great option for lubricating the head before putting it away, as well as being a great protection against rust.

There are reviews that state that the nozzles on some packages can come broken.

Best cream for axe head


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While specifically designed for wood as polish and multipurpose wax, this Cargen brand Beeswax is effective in polishing and protecting your metal axe head as well. In combination with paraffin or boiled linseed oil, you can use beeswax as means to protect both your head and your handle.

Since it is not exactly designed for polishing your head it will not be the most effective option.  With this in mind, because it is designed for wood waxing you can easily use this same wax as means to take care of your handle.  The handle needs just as much care as the head, without the one there is no other.

The Cargen Beeswax is made from 100% natural beeswax meaning that it’s safe to apply to your axe in the case that you’re using it on animals you will eat.  While this is commonly not the main reason for using an axe, it comes in handy when you need to use it for such things.

The overall cost of the Cargen Beeswax is completely affordable considering you get 3 80g containers


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Commonly found in the pharmacy section of your household cabinets, this is a great option to take care of your axe head.  When wanting to properly clean and polish your axe head Vaseline is great to provide the finishing layer.  

You can easily apply multiple layers, be sure to wipe off the excess between applications.  Vaseline is great to get deep into the pores of the axe head and even when cleaning the head after a layer the Vaseline has great staying power to last.

The Vaseline can also be applied to your axe handle and can be a great tool to take care of the cracks you find.  Vaseline is a great option that can take care of anything that either becomes too dry or needs to be further dried.

How to keep axe head from rusting

There are many different methods of effectively mitigating rust on your axe head from using oils and creams.  To begin taking care of the axe immediately after use is essential, you want to clean it dry and make sure there is no dirt on the head.  The dirt and moisture are the biggest catalysts in causing the rust to form on your axe head. 

Once you have the head completely clean and dry, use any of the oils and creams listed above and you will be able to make the axe last for a long time.  To apply the oils and creams, you need to thoroughly cover the entirety of the head and, as silly as it sounds, try and rub the creams and oils in.

Also finding a proper leather sheath is a great line of defense against rust and corrosion.  Another preventative measure you can take is to sharpen the bit as frequently as possible; with every sanding session, you remove the particles that will corrode the head.

A good strategy in regards to the storage of your axe would be to bring it into your home or at least into a climate-controlled room when finished with its task. Keeping the axe in a dry and warm room will prevent any moisture from ruining the head. 

You want to keep in mind that an area that is too warm and dry can take a toll on the handle, potentially shrinking it and drying or rotting out the wood.  Also, keep in mind to oil the handle near the head to prevent shrinkage and loosening the head from the handle.


How do I protect my axe head? You protect your axe head by using oils and creams such as WD40, Rem oil, Beeswax, and vaseline. These will help prevent rust and can even remove rust. It’s also important to protect the handle as the head and handle work together.