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So you’ve been doing your research on chainsaws and stumbled on Hyundai.

But are Hyundai chainsaws any good

Well that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post. I’ll be revealing if these chainsaws are worth it or not.

Let’s get straight into it!

What do customers say?

The majority of customer reviews are positive. Hyundai produces chainsaws that are affordable but still have a large engine size.

The engine size is typically above 60cc (cubic centimeters). The bigger the engine, the more powerful it is, typically. 

Customers have mentioned how Hyundai brings powerful chainsaws at rock bottom prices. And I couldn’t agree more.

Most chainsaws 60cc+ are above £200 whilst Hyundai is typically below this when you look at different retailers. 

I think one of the ways they’re able to keep costs down is by pairing different parts with the engine.

For example, you can fit a bar made by Oregon onto some of their chainsaws.

Of course, it’s not all positive reviews. After all, they’ve sold thousands of products, there are definitely going to be complaints.

You’ll find some customers complaining that a piece of it broke since a lot of their saws have a lot of plastic. From my research, this is the most common complaint.

However, it’s hard to knock Hyundai for this since they’re keeping their costs low.

What types of chainsaws do they produce?

Hyundai produces the standard chainsaw and pole saw. Their chainsaws are typically 60cc+ and the bar is typically 20 inches long.

Allowing you to fell large trees and split thick wood. With the power of the saw, you won’t have an issue cutting through hardwood like oak.

You’ll comfortably be able to create a stump and fell trees. 

The chains can very easily be sharpened and replaced. And the bars can also be replaced at an affordable price. 

One thing I found reviewers constantly mentioning is how their chainsaws are so easy to start. They typically start on the first pull.

The majority of Hyundai’s chainsaws are petrol. I did find one electric model of theirs which got a lot of raving reviews.


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For the most part, the chainsaws are top quality. The only downside is, you’re going to see a lot of plastic. But what did you expect considering their prices?

I think this is the only downside when it comes to quality. The plastic just isn’t the same as other materials.

However, if you can get past the plastic build quality, you’ll find that their chainsaws operate brilliantly.

The bars are solid and chains are sharp. You also get a chain brake built in. So if you experience kickback, the blade will stop turning.

Kickback happens when the nose of the bar touches something hard and it’s flung back in the direction of the user.

This of course can be fatal. That’s why there’s a chain brake there. It automatically activates when you experience kickback.

So are Hyundai chainsaws any good?

Yes, Hyundai chainsaws are good for the most part due to their larger than average engine and typically 20 inch bar. Allowing you to cut through hardwood with ease, fell large trees, and split thick wood. The main downside to Hyundai chainsaws is the plastic build quality.

Are cheap chainsaws any good?

Cheap or affordable chainsaws can be good depending on where you get them from and the brand. There are cheap chainsaws that are really bad and not worth the asking price. And there are some that are well worth it like the Salem Master 6220G 62CC.

Which Hyundai chainsaw is the best?

The best Hyundai chainsaw is the P1PE P6220C. It’s gas powered, has a 62cc engine, and a 20 inch bar. It only weighs 5.4kg/11.9lbs. It has an automatic chain lubrication system and an anti vibrational system. 


So Hyundai chainsaws are well worth it due to their cheap price, long bar and high powered engine.

The only downside is the build quality, it’s not the best. I also made sure to give you the best Hyundai chainsaw, mentioning it above.

Overall, they’re a great company that builds quality products.