Chainsaw Kickback And How To Prevent It [Explained]

Every year 36,000 people are injured by chainsaws and another 250 die. Chainsaw kickback is responsible for a significant percentage of these numbers. Chainsaw kickback is when you get a sudden and rapid motion from a chainsaw that you weren’t expecting. To safely use a chainsaw, understanding kickback, its causes, and how to avoid it … Read more

Why Does My Chainsaw Cut Crooked? [Solved]

Do your cuts follow a line as straight as a banana? Have you found yourself scratching your head wondering, “Why does my chainsaw cut crooked?” This isn’t one of the worst problems to have and, luckily, it’s probably not your cutting technique. The most common cause for a crooked cut is the saw or chain … Read more

Best Chainsaw Safety Training Courses Online And Offline

Felling trees as a logger is one of the most dangerous jobs in America, which means even those at home are risking their life or limbs when working with a chainsaw. If you’re new to operating a chainsaw and haven’t had someone around to mentor you, it might be smart to take a chainsaw safety … Read more

How To Store A Chainsaw So It Doesn’t Leak Oil?

There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into your garage or shed and seeing your beautiful chainsaw with that little dew drop of oil just waiting to fall and wreak havoc on your nice workbench or floor. Leaking oil is not an uncommon problem when chainsaws are stored for any length of time. Here is a … Read more

Should You Be Flipping The Chainsaw Bar? [Answered]

Should you be flipping the chainsaw bar? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post. So let’s get straight into this! Why should you flip the chainsaw bar upside down? Cutting with a chainsaw utilizes different sections of the bar. For large logs, we tend … Read more

Do Electric Chainsaws Overheat? [What You Need To Know]

Do electric chainsaws overheat? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, I’ll be going over everything regarding electric chainsaws overheating. What makes an electric chainsaw overheat? There are two distinct sources of heat in any chainsaw. The motor is one source, and the cutting bar and chain being another source. Both … Read more