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Are you looking for the best 18 inch chainsaw?

Then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over.

I’ll be revealing chainsaws that are good for felling, bucking, and limbing.

Best Overall Husqvarna 455 Rancher
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Automatic chain oiler
Salem Master 5820H
  • High Performance
  • High Safety Features
  • Prevents accidental starts
best Electric Snapper XD
  • Easy to start
  • Battery powered engine
  • Rapid charge technology
Best Budget Oregon CS1500
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Silent but deadly
  • Self sharpening chain
Remington 41AY4218983 RM4218CS
  • High Output Engine
  • Easy to Handle
  • Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler

Husqvarna 455 Rancher (Best Overall)

Check Price of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher
  • 18” bar
  • Gas powered
  • 13.2lbs (excl. cutting equipment)

 Powerful Engine

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is equipped with a 55.5cc engine. That’s more than enough to run an 18” chainsaw.

This chainsaw is well equipped to handle felling trees of width 16” or less. Bucking wood will also be easy, just make sure to have the right protection when working.

Husqvarna chainsaws, especially the later ones advertise that they have X-torque technology in them. And the 455 Rancher is no different.

This means that the engine consumes less fuel while working. And less fuel consumption means more fuel economy.

Fewer refills and that one gas can you brought out will last longer than it would using a chainsaw without the X-torque engine. Simple as that.

Easy Maintenance

This chainsaw has a few features that are meant to reduce the time you spend maintaining it. First and one of the most important ones is the automatic chain oiler.

This will automatically lubricate the chain so you can keep working with reduced drag and high efficiency. Next comes the side mounted chain tensioning system, a quick way to tighten your chain and keep it from flying off.

Last but not least we have the quick release air filter. Changing air filters is not something you would do often, but when you do the quick release feature makes sure you don’t struggle, just swap it out and you’re done.

All these added together will reduce your down time significantly. Refill when oil is low, a couple of twists to tighten the chain when it gets loose and change the air filter.

Then you can get to your felling and bucking as quickly as possible.


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Salem Master 5820H

Check Price of the Salem Master 5820H
  • 18” bar
  • Gas powered
  • 11.42 lbs. (excluding cutting equipment)

High Performance

This chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaws out there. It has a 3.4hp engine that runs at 8500 rpm (turns per minute).

That just might be a bunch of numbers for you but trust me, they are important numbers. Basically those numbers are letting you know that you’ll never have an issue when felling medium sized trees.

With the 18” bar and the powerful engine, you can easily handle trees with a 16 inch  width or less with ease. And bucking will be so easy you’ll be whistling through it.

The gas powered chainsaw will give you an efficient and quick work rate. And as I said it’s gas powered, and the best thing about that is the fact that there are no cords to drag around.

As long as you have a gas tank with you for refills, you may take it anywhere you see fit.

Equipped with an automatic chain oiling system the Salem Master will lubricate the chain and have it working with minimal drag. This will ensure an efficient work rate.

Down time will also not be an issue because of the chain oiler. Just refill the oil tank and let the chainsaw do the rest.

High Safety

Chainsaws are dangerous if not handled properly. We’ve all seen the movies and heard the stories. So you can rest assured that this chainsaw has good safety features.

Kick back is a dangerous incident that happens when the top end of the chainsaw hits something. This makes the chainsaw kick back towards you.

This may happen, but incidents such as this is exactly why the Salem Master has a quick stop chain brake. During kick back the chain brake is activated and will stop the chain, so you don’t endure or cause any accidents.

Also equipped with a safety switch, it protects you from accidentally starting the chainsaw.

Snapper XD (Best electric)

Check Price of the Snapper XD
  • Electric motor (battery powered)
  • 18” bar
  • 15.54 Pounds

Good Battery

The Snapper XD is a well-rounded chainsaw. It has a electric powered engine. Combined with the 18′ inch bar it is ideal for those looking to fell and buck medium sized trees.

The battery in this chainsaw is great. With a guaranteed 160 plus cuts when bucking it’ll surely be enough for medium day to day tasks. It’s also capable of rapid recharge; this is great because you don’t have to leave it plugged in all day.


The great thing about battery powered electric chainsaws is that you can take them anywhere. Although the battery runs out after a significant amount of usage time, you can just charge it at an outlet.

If you don’t have an outlet bring a spare battery, you could borrow your friendly neighbors battery or you can buy an extra battery for such occasions.

If you don’t go working on remote areas as much then an extra battery is not necessary. But if you do then I say purchase an extra one, it will definitely be worth it.

Low Maintenance

Most electric powered chainsaws don’t require a lot of maintenance. The same goes for this chainsaw.

The automatic chain oiling system will keep the chain lubricated and running smoothly throughout your work. Fell and buck without worrying about the chain’s lubrication.

The Snapper XD like most electric chainsaws has an easy start button. This means no cord pulling required to start the motor. And the ambient temperature will not be an issue for this electric chainsaw.

Oregon CS1500 (Best budget)

Oregon CS1500
Check Price of the Oregon CS1500
  • 18 inch guide bar
  • Corded electric power source
  • 12.6 pounds

Silent but deadly

If you want to get your hands on an 18-inch chainsaw to handle tasks such as felling and bucking, then this chainsaw is the best one for a good price.

The electric motor has enough power to cut through trees and wood with ease. This chainsaw is silent between cuts.

This means if you’re bucking trees and you have to bring in a new log, you don’t need to turn off the engine just so you can have a moment of silence.

Easy Maintenance

The Oregon CS1500 is a brilliant machine. Like most electric chainsaws it doesn’t require a lot of work during maintenance. Features like the automatic chain oiling system will keep adding oil to the chain steadily.

This’ll keep the chain lubricated and will reduce drag to give you a smooth experience when cutting. Another feature is the tensioning knob that is found on the side.

The chain will start to loosen after a while. So the ability to tighten the chain with no extra tool needed is a blessing.

When the chain gets loose just turn the knob and you’re ready to go. This reduces down time especially if you’re not near your tools and your chain needs tightening.

Self sharpening chain

This chainsaw also comes with a PowerSharp integrated sharpening system. A brilliant tool that reduces your maintenance and downtime by quite a large margin.

All you need to do is pop on the small tool on the chainsaw blade and run the chainsaw for 3-5 seconds. Maintaining a chainsaw has never been easier.

Remington 41AY4218983 RM4218CS

Check Price of the Remington 41AY4218983 RM4218CS
  • Gas Powered
  • 18-inch bar
  • 12.26 lbs. (excl. cutting tool)

High Output Engine

The Remington 41AY4218983 RM4218CS has a 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine. This powerful engine has enough power for your day to day tasks without all the vibrations.

The 18-inch bar is enough to easily go through trees which are 16 inches in width or less.

Equipped with the quick start technology, you’ll have an easier time starting this chainsaw than you would with other gas powered ones. Pulling the cord, you’ll notice it’s smoother and easier than most.

Easy to Handle

The lightweight durable poly chassis on this chainsaw does exactly what it’s intended for. You will have a strong and sturdy chainsaw that won’t strain your arms every time you pick it up.

The Remington is also equipped with a 3-point anti vibration system. This will keep the chainsaw from straining your wrists and elbows by keeping the vibration at bay.

An ergonomically designed handle will help you keep the chainsaw balanced when you’re cutting.

Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler

The automatic chain oiler on this chainsaw will put the right amount of lubricant on the 18-inch chain while you’re working. This will keep the chain from overheating due to friction.

It will also reduce drag. This means the chain will have more turns per minute, making you efficient and requiring less force from you to cut.

When it comes to refilling the oil tank, you don’t need to worry about how much is left. The easy view oil tank is there so you can see the oil level without any extra effort.

ORCISH Gas Chainsaw

Check Price of the ORCISH Gas Chainsaw
  • Gas powered
  • 18-inch bar
  • 17.86 lbs.

Powerful Engine

The ORCISH chainsaw is best suited for medium-duty cutting. Equipped with an 18 inch bar it’ll suit you well if you want to fell and buck medium sized trees.

At 52cc it’s not the most powerful. But it’s more than enough if you consider the bar size is 18 inches. This means the trees you will face using this chainsaw can’t be larger than 16 inches in width.

And believe me when I say, felling 16-inch wide trees won’t be an issue with this chainsaw. This chainsaw has a built in safety switch. This switch helps you keep safe by preventing you from accidentally starting the chainsaw.

Easy to handle and maintain

The auto oiling feature will keep the chain well lubricated so you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is concentrate on the cutting.

Equipped with a U-shaped handle, this chainsaw is designed to fit ergonomically well within your hands. This will ensure comfort when you are ripping through wood with the ORCISH 52cc gas powered engine.

Chainsaw Maintenance and Care tips

Chainsaw sprocket

For any chainsaw owner, giving time and attention to maintenance should always be a priority. Don’t rush this step.

Maintaining your chainsaw is the only way to ensure it’s running to its full potential and it’s safe to operate. That being said here are a few tips to help you carry out maintenance of your chainsaw properly and with ease.

Do simple maintenance every time you use it, even if it’s frequent. Maintenances I listed below should always be done. They are easy and don’t take that much time.

  • Test the trigger and make sure it doesn’t get stuck
  • Check the chain brake for any debris and clean it if necessary
  • Tighten the chain
  • Check the amount of oil in the oil tank and make sure the oil distribution system is working properly. To do so, bring the chainsaw close to a piece of paper or wood and let it run for a few seconds. If there is oil residue on the surface, then it is working fine. If not, that means there is an issue stopping it from working properly and you should check it or take it to the shop and get it fixed.

You should also take time once in a while, depending on the usage of your chainsaw, to do a thorough maintenance. Here are a few things to do during that maintenance session.

  • Examine your air filter. If it looks okay then take it out, clean it and let it dry before putting it back in. On the other hand, if the air filter is damaged or the debris is beyond cleaning replace it with a new one.
  • When doing a thorough maintenance be sure to clean your gas tank and your gas filter. Gasoline over time will leave some residue which is bad for your engine, so keep an eye on it.
  • By removing the cover over the bar and chain, you will find a thin metal band that wraps around the clutch drum. That is the chain brake band. Any cracks or weak spots means it’s time to replace it.
  • Check how well the clutch is lubricated and lube as necessary. This will keep the clutch working in tip top shape and it will prolong the lifetime.
  • Inspect the edge of your chainsaw bar by removing the chain. If you feel any roughness or burrs when running your finger on the edge, file them until they are smooth.
  • With prolonged use your chain will start to lose its sharpness. This is the time to sharpen it. Take your time and make sure it is well sharpened and ready for the next task.

These are just a few maintenance tips. You should check your chainsaws manual for detailed instructions on maintenance

Gas vs electric chainsaws



  • Portable
  • No need to recharge, just refill the gas tank
  • Best suited for heavy duty work


  • Are heavier than electric chainsaws
  • Are usually more expensive
  • Are louder and have a gas scent



  • Corded ones will supply you with continuous power, no need to refill
  • Are lighter than gas chainsaws
  • Are more quiet


  • May need an outlet to work (Maybe to recharge or to supply power)
  • Not as powerful as gas chainsaws
  • Battery life, although improving now a days, is not that long


The best 18 inch chainsaw is the Husqvarna 455 Rancher. It has an 18 inch bar, a 55.5cc gas engine, and weighs 13.2lbs/5.9kg. It will cut thick hardwood trees that are 16 inch thick and split wood with ease.

I hope you found what you were looking for in this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam