Gas Boiling in Chainsaw – Easy Quick Fix

Is gas boiling in your chainsaw? Don’t worry because, in this post, I’ll be revealing why this is happening and how to fix it super quickly. So let’s get straight into this… Why does my chainsaw gas boil? The reason why your chainsaw is boiling gas is because it’s been clogged up by sawdust and … Read more

Best Gas Powered Chainsaw for Home Use [Top 4 Picks]

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Best Residential Gas Chainsaw [My Top 3 Picks]

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Are Chainsaws Waterproof? – Use it in the Snow? [Answer]

Are Chainsaws Waterproof? No, the overwhelming majority of chainsaws are not waterproof. A chainsaw is either electric or gas powered. You should never drown your chainsaw underwater.  There are only a few chainsaws designed to cut underwater. However, you typically cannot purchase these at your local retailer. They’re more for commercial use and cost a … Read more

Best Husqvarna 455 Rancher Review – My Honest Opinion

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Review

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