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Are you looking for the best chainsaw for pine trees?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over.

Pine trees are a soft wood so it’s not difficult for your chain to go through them. However, they can dull your blade quickly.

We’ll be covering chainsaws that meet the recommended criteria for cutting pine trees…

best Overall Husqvarna 460 Rancher
  • The best chainsaw to cut any pine tree
  • Powerful engine
budget Salem Master 6220G 62CC
  • Affordable
  • Powerful engine
Battery Makita XCU03PT1
  • Long lasting battery
  • Super easy to use
Husqvarna 130
  • Great for cutting medium and small trees
  • Lighweight

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460
Check Price of the Husqvarna 460
  • 24 inch bar
  • Gas powered
  • 13.2lbs

Best all rounder

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is the best chainsaw for cutting down pine trees. Since the pine trees are 10 to 20 inches wide, the 24 inch bar will easily go straight through the tree.

It has a 60.3cc powered engine, so it will cut through the softwood with ease. The chain runs at 9,000rpm (turns per minute) so it will provide you with sharp cuts. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re felling or bucking pine trees, this will do the job with absolute ease.

Easy cleaning

The air filter is in charge of preventing anything from reaching the engine. However, when the air filter is full, it won’t function properly and may allow debris to reach the engine.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a quick release air filter for easy cleaning.

Automatic chain oiling

As you’re cutting down pine, the chain and bar are under a lot of friction. Causing the entire saw to heat up which can damage it.

To prevent these heating issues, you would have to oil the bar and chain. This can get a little annoying so there’s an automatic chain oiling system for easy oiling.

Just place in your bar oil and you don’t have to do anything else.

Easy tensioning

As time goes on, your chain is going to loosen. This will prevent your chain from cutting as it should and could even cause your chain to fly off.

That’s why there’s an easy to access chain tensioning mechanism on the side. Also, they have included a free scrench in case you don’t have one.


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Salem Master 6220G 62CC (Budget)

Salem Master 6220G 62CC
Check Price of the Salem Master 6220G 62CC
  • 20 inch bar
  • Gas powered
  • Weighs 17.96lbs

20 inch bar

A 20 inch bar will cut through the majority of pine trees out there. It’s enough to fell trees and split wood without an issue.

The bar is equipped with a hardened material that will make it last for a long time. It’s durable and wear resistant.

High powered engine

It has a 62cc gas powered engine, allowing it to rip through wood with ease. The chain rotates around the bar at 8,500 times per minute.

Allowing for razor sharp and fine cuts. 

Automatic chain oiler

The automatic chain oiler prevents any smoking from the bar, keeping it cool and operating as it should.

You just top up the bar oil and let it oil by itself. Simple!


This chainsaw comes in at a very affordable price. I don’t know how they were able to fit these specs in and at this price.

So if you’re strapped for cash right now, this is the saw for you.

Makita XCU03PT1

Check Price of the Makita XCU03PT1
  • 14 inch bar
  • Battery powered

For small trees

Since pine is a softwood, you can get away with using a battery power chainsaw. Which is great if you’re already in the market for one. However, this should only be used to cut small sized trees.

Nothing above 16 inches. It has a gas equivalent of 32cc when compared to gas chainsaws. There’s enough power to cut small or medium sized trees.

Toolless chain adjustment

When the chain starts to loosen, you don’t need a tool to tighten it back up. Instead, you can adjust the chain tension without a tool.

It just takes a moment to tension.

Battery life

The battery life will typically last 30 minutes. I think that’s pretty decent. You won’t be running it for a long time.

However, there’s still plenty of time for you to cut a few trees and then just change the battery.

You can see how much juice the battery has left by the L.E.D icons.

Easy to start

Since it’s electric powered, you can turn it on by the touch of a button. Making it very simple and a great choice for beginners.

Husqvarna 130

Check Price of the Husqvarna 130
  • 16 inch bar
  • Gas powered
  • 10.3lbs

Great for medium and small trees

The 16 inch bar is great for cutting medium and small trees. It’ll go straight in and out.

The engine is 38cc which is enough when cutting medium sized softwood. Spinning at 9,000rpm, the blade is able to make cuts very easily.

Automatic chain oiler

The automatic chain oiler is brilliant because you don’t need to manually lubricate it yourself.

You just need to top it up when you’re done using it. Preventing your chainsaw from overheating.

Inertia activated chain brake

When you experience kickback, the chain brake is there to stop the chain from operating. It’s activated by inertia.

So when it’s under a certain amount of pressure, it will stop the chain from spinning. A feature that’s a lifesaver, literally.

Having trouble cutting pine?

If you’re having trouble cutting pine, here are a few tips…

Check the oil holes – The oil holes are located in the bar. They’re responsible for supplying oil to the bar to keep it functioning properly.

Sometimes they can get clogged which will cause your bar to burn and chain to dull quickly.

Is your bar broken? – Another reason why your chain may not be cutting as well as it should.

Make sure the chain is fully functional. If the bar has dents or it doesn’t appear to be straight, you will need to replace that bar.

Sharpen the chain – Your issue may just be as simple as sharpening the chains. Get a file and go to town. Simple!

Deep clean – If your chainsaw still isn’t cutting as you like, you’re going to have to do a deep clean. Disassemble the chainsaw and air blow it.

Make sure you get it as clean as possible. If this does not work, you probably need to get a new chainsaw.


The best chainsaw for pine trees is the Husqvarna 460 rancher. It has a 24 inch bar, 60.3cc engine, and the chain rotates at 9,000rpm (turns per minute). It’s easy to clean, has automatic chain oiling, and easy chain tensioning.

There’s something here for you. Make sure to read what I’ve written in this guide. This way you’ll know exactly which one is right for you.

Happy sawing!

– Adam