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Are you looking for the best electric chainsaw for the money?

Then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be showing in this post.

I’ve made sure to research the best electric chainsaws that give you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s get straight into the first one…

best Overall Oregon CS1500
  • Self-sharpening chain
  • Great for splitting wood
  • Corded=unlimited stamina
Dewalt Flexvolt
  • Great for splitting hardwood
  • Cordless with a typical running time of 25 minutes
  • You can cut wide logs
Dewalt DCCS620B
  • Great for splitting wood
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor for its size

Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500
Check Price of the Oregon CS1500
  • 18 inch bar
  • Corded
  • 12.6lbs

18 inch bar

Oregon is known for its bars and chains. And this bar is no exception. It’s 16 inches long and built from solid, high quality material.

It reduces the amount of bending and helps to reduce the bar from getting pinched in the wood. 18 inches does brilliantly when it comes to splitting large wood.

15 Amp

This has a 15 Amp power source. So it’s able to cut through with ease and you could fell some small trees.

However, I would only stick to smaller (10 inches)  trees because this chainsaw was mainly designed to split wood and limb.

It’s corded so you’ll be able to run this chainsaw for as long as you want without having to worry about running out of battery.

Self-sharpening chain

One of the reasons why this chainsaw is so great is the self-sharpening chain feature. And no, it’s not a gimmick. It’s able to sharpen your chain without an issue.

How does it work?

It’s very simple There’s a sharpener built inside of this. It’s located next to the chain.

You have to turn the chainsaw on and get the bar turning around the bar. Then you just push down a little lever which engages the sharpener with the chain.

You can hold the lever down and get it sharpened to your liking. It couldn’t be easier!

Automatic chain oiler

When you’re cutting with the chainsaw, you’ve got to keep in mind that there’s a lot of friction being created. This friction creates heat and this heat will damage the overall chainsaw.

To prevent this, you have to oil the chain and bar. To make it easy to do, you just have to top it up with bar oil and it will automatically distribute the oil to the bar.

Easy to start

Since it’s an electric chainsaw, you don’t have to pull on anything and do any cold starting. You simply press a button and then you’ll be up and running.


This comes in at an incredibly affordable price. You don’t have to spend much to get an epic electric chainsaw.


Best reliable chainsaw
Best all around chainsaw
Best heavy duty chainsaw

Dewalt Flexvolt

Check Price of the Dewalt Flexvolt
  • 16 inch bar
  • Cordless/battery powered
  • Weighs 12.2lbs

16 inch bar

The 16 inch bar will allow you to cut through larger logs, making bucking a lot easier. You’ll be able to cut through larger types of logs without having to roll the log to split the wood. 

60v max

The best thing about this chainsaw is the 60volt max power capacity. With this, you’ll be able to split through hardwood.

So if you’ve got an oak tree in the yard and you want to split it, this chainsaw will get the job done.

You can even fell trees. Small to medium sized trees is what this chainsaw is capable of. Not large trees.

Tool Free chain tensioning

As time goes on, you’re going to notice your chain loosening. This is because of all the times you use it.

Using your chainsaw while the chainsaw is loose could make it fling off the bar. And this could be fatal. If your chain is too tight, it could snap and damage the entire chainsaw.

You typically need a scrench to adjust the chain tensioning. However, this chainsaw will allow you to adjust the chain tension without any tools. It’s easy to do and will only take a moment. 

Auto Oiling

If you’re not oiling your chain and bar, it’s going to burn the bar and the chain will become dull.

This will happen due to all the friction being created. So you have to oil the chain. With this, you just have to refill the bar oil and it will oil automatically.


This is cordless so you don’t have to have it attached to a power source. It will run via a battery source.

You’ll typically get 25 minutes of constant cutting from this chainsaw. It’ll give you the ability to cut a lot of logs.

Dewalt DCCS620B

Check Price of the Dewalt DCCS620B
  • 12 inch bar
  • Cordless
  • Weighs 8.8lbs

Brushless motor

This has a 20volt brushless motor. This simply means that the engine runs more efficiently, less noise is made, and the chainsaw will take longer to wear out.

You’ll be able to cut into logs and do some pruning as well.

12 inch bar

This has a 12 inch bar which is great for pruning and splitting wood. You won’t be splitting really thick pieces of wood. Such as a large tree that you just fell.

However, you can cut into logs that are 10 inches thick without a problem. And you can even split wood that is 14 inches thick if you know how to do it.

Tool free chain tensioning

When your chain has become loose and it’s not cutting as it should, you need to tension it.

To do this, there’s a chain tensioning feature you can easily use and you don’t need a tool to do it.

Easy to handle

This only weighs 8.8lbs making it very easy to handle. You’ll have more control over what you’re doing and there’s less risk of kickback. You won’t get tired as quickly.

If you’re going to be climbing up a tree and cutting, this saw is a must. You’ll carry it with ease and since it makes very little noise, you’ll know what’s going on around you.

Highly rated

This is definitely one of the highest rated chainsaws out there. I’ve never seen so many positive reviews for a chainsaw in my entire life. This chainsaw is robust and will last for years to come. It’s money well spent.


The best electric chainsaw for the money is the Oregon CS1500. It has an 18 inch bar that allows you to cut into wood that has a width of 20 inches. It’s corded so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out and it weighs 12.6lbs.

Hope you found what you were looking for.

Happy sawing!

– Adam