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Are Greenworks chainsaws any good?

Well keep reading because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

I’ll be covering what customers say about Greenworks, their chainsaw quality, and which Greenworks chainsaw is the best.

Let’s get straight into it!

What do customers say about Greenworks?

The customer reviews of Greenworks chainsaws have been overwhelmingly positive. One review that really stood out was a user who mentioned he’s used his Greeworks chainsaw to cut over 100 trees.

The chain lasts an incredibly long time and does not go dull quickly. Even after 1 year of a lot of cutting, his Greenworks chainsaw is still going strong.

Their saws are quiet, so if you live in a quiet community or don’t want to disturb your neighbors, you can do exactly that. You can take their saws to different locations you didn’t want to go to previously because your other saw makes a lot of noise. Well not with a Greenworks chainsaw, it operates quietly!

By the time the battery runs down, you’ll also be run down because it lasts such a long time. Their batteries recharge rapidly and it will be ready to use in a short period of time. You can get a spare battery just in case. 

A user mentioned how he’s used his Greenworks chainsaw for years almost every day, especially in the winter months. On a single charge, the saw was able to fill an entire truck full of wood.

One user took it a step further and purchased the same saw twice. Not because something was wrong with the first saw he bought but because it was so good. He was afraid they might discontinue that model. That saw was the Greenworks G-MAX 40V.

But no product or particular brand/company is perfect, everything has its flaws and it’s no different with Greenworks.

There have been a handful of users that mentioned how their chain would keep falling off even though they tensioned it properly and that bar oil would leak. And when they rang customer support, the support person was incredibly rude.

And to be fair, this is something that’s pretty rare and doesn’t really occur. So I would overlook this since the vast majority of customer feedback has been positive.

Overall, Greenworks customers have been saying incredibly positive things about their chainsaws.

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What types of chainsaws does Greenworks produce?

Currently, Greenworks only produces electric chainsaws that range from an 8 to 18 inch bar size. This means their chainsaws are suitable for pruning, limbing, bucking, splitting wood, and felling.

When it comes to felling, you’ll be felling small to medium sized trees since an electric/battery operated chainsaw can only be so powerful. Sure, there have been users who have used their 16 inch battery saw to cut through 24 inch white oak, but it took a long time to do compared to their gas saw.

Is Greenworks chainsaw quality any good?

Many users have mentioned that they’ve had their Greenworks chainsaw for years. Even though they used it almost everyday and in the winter time, it still kept going. 

The chain and bar are made from high quality metal, it won’t snap or bend on you. The grip is made from rubber to prevent your hands from slipping and it absorbs the vibrations coming through.

Their chainsaws are made from quality materials that won’t wear down and will last for many years to come.

Which Greenworks chainsaw is best??

The Greenworks G-MAX 40V is the best Greenworks chainsaw. It has a 40V battery pack, 16 inch bar, and weighs 10.36lbs/5.6kg. It’s able to cut through 14 inch thick wood with ease and thanks to its lightweight is easily manouverable and will not fatigue you quickly. 

This has a brushless motor which makes it much more powerful than the average electrical chainsaw. Users have cut thick oak trees with this chainsaw although I would not recommend it since it will take longer to cut.

There’s a chainbrake to prevent damage from a kickback. Kickback is where the nose of the bar hits something hard and the bar is flung in the direction of the user.

If this happens, the chain brake will automatically stop the chain from spinning, preventing your face from getting mauled.

The battery offers up to 100 cuts per charge and it recharges rapidly. Making your wood cutting a lot more efficient.

It’s easy to start thanks to its electric engine and it has a tool-less chain tensioning system. So there’s no need for you to look for a wrench when the chain becomes loose.

There’s an automatic oiler so you don’t have to manually do it yourself, just top it up with bar oil when it’s getting low. It’s important to have your chainsaw oiled since it prevents your chainsaw from overheating.

This really is an extremely low maintenance saw.


Are Greenworks chainsaws any good? Yes, Greenworks chainsaws are good. They’re electric powered, easy to start, quiet when operating, come in multiple bar sizes and last for many years thanks to their sturdy build quality. Their batteries last for a long time, are quick to charge and their chainsaws are light in weight, reducing fatigue and making it easy to manouver.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam