Are Small Wood Chippers Any Good? [Answered]

Are small wood chippers any good?

Well keep reading because I’ll be answering that question in this short post. I’ll be going over how long small chippers last, their affordability, and more.

But first of all, what would you consider a small wood chipper? A small wood chipper is able to chip branches up to 1.5 – 1.7 inches thick.

Do they last long?

Wood chippers, regardless of how big or small they are last as long as you look after them.

First of all, before buying your wood chipper you’re going to make sure it’s not a flimsy one. You need to be checking out the reviews first. Make sure the vast majority of them are positive. Then go ahead and buy it.

In order for the chipper to last for years, you need to be maintaining it well. After you’ve used it, you’re going to wipe all the chips and dust from it. Including the inside if you can.

If you’re using it in the cold damp weather, it can rust. So make sure you’re wiping it down and keeping it clean.

Also, make sure to sharpen the blades if you’re able to access them. This will increase the lifespan of the blade and cut fine chips. 

After you’ve finished with it and need to store it, place it in a dry place like your shed.

A well maintained chipper will last 5+ years.

Are they affordable?

Small chippers are the most affordable ones you can buy. Small chippers will typically come in between $100 – $200. This is on the affordable and more budget side when it comes to chippers.

Gas or electric?

With a small chipper, it’s going to be an electric motored one.

You see, gas chippers are made for chipping thick branches because you’re able to output a lot more power with a gas engine than an electric one. So it’s overkill putting a gas motor inside a small chipper.

Electric chippers are cheaper and much quieter when operating. They also require less maintenance. You won’t be topping it up with gas or have any gas smells.

If you’re new to wood chippers, an electric one is highly recommended since it’s easy to use. You just plug it into a power outlet and press the “On” button. And you’re all good to go.

What have customers been saying?

Small wood chippers are the most popular kind. They’re the one that consumers use the most. So naturally, manufacturers have spent a lot of time improving the technology to make it more efficient and cost effective.

According to different ecommerce sites like Amazon, the vast majority of small chippers have received positive reviews. Customers have mentioned that they’re easy to use, don’t disturb the neighbors and get the job done.

Of course, there are some small wood chippers that aren’t very good. You can spot the bad ones by simply reading the reviews.


Are small wood chippers and good? Yes, small wood chippers are good. They’re affordable, quiet when operating, easy to use, and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver. They last for years and there’s no heavy maintenance.