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Are you looking for a Dewalt dcm575x1 review

Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this post.

I’ll be giving you my honest opinion on this item and won’t be holding anything back. I’ll be letting you know who it’s for and what it’s capable of.

And I’ll be criticizing it to find its weak points. There are pros and cons.

Quick summary:

The Dewalt dcm575x1 is a 16 inch chainsaw that has a 54V battery. It weighs 5.68kg with an oil capacity of 110 – 120ml and a charge time of 70 minutes. It’s best used to cut down medium sized trees and split wood.

Bar size16 inches/40cm
Engine Battery powered
Power level54V
Weight5.68 Kg
Oiling Automatic
Oil Capacity110-120 ml
Chain tensioningTool free
Charge Time70 min
Cuts per Charge 130
Oil Level WindowYes

16 inch bar

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A 16 inch bar is great for felling medium sized trees and splitting wood. You can also limb trees and even prune to a certain extent.

Sure, you won’t be cutting down giant oak trees but you can cut down up to a 20 inch tree. That’s the real sweet spot for this saw. 

Battery powered

This is a battery powered chainsaw that powers up to 54volts. This has enough power to split hardwood and fell medium sized trees. If you’re looking to fell larger trees, I would recommend the 455 Rancher.

Lots of users have mentioned how surprised they were by the power. Since this is not a gas chainsaw, its cutting capabilities are limited.

However, you’ll still be able to clear a bunch of logs and fell some trees. And that’s exactly what this was designed for.

Because this is battery powered, it operates quietly. So you won’t be annoying your neighbors or your family. And there’s no toxic gas smell that’s left when handling petrol chainsaws.


The Dewalt dcm575x1 only weighs 5.68Kg, making it incredibly light. You’ll be able to maneuver around without putting yourself in danger.

Allowing you to get the exact cuts you want. You won’t be tiring yourself out when using this, it will be a joy cutting.

Easy chain tensioning

As time goes on, your chain will loosen. A loose chain will cause it not to cut effectively. And a loose chain can fly off the bar which could cause a fatal injury. That’s why you have to occasionally tighten the chain.

You can do this without having to use a tool. It will literally just take a moment to do.

Cutting time

You can make 130 cuts per full charge with this. Now I know that’s an incredibly obscure number. What kinds of cuts and at what speed?

Of course, these are all factors that go into a chainsaw’s operating time. On average, I estimate that you will get 30 minutes of actual cutting time.

This is quite a lot when you think about it because you’re constantly stopping the saw and changing positions.

Automatic chain oiling

When you’re cutting, there’s a lot of friction being made because of the chainsaw going around the bar and into wood. This friction causes heat and the heat will damage your saw.

That’s why you need to lubricate your saw with bar oil. This will reduce the amount of friction and heat created. Therefore keeping your chainsaw in top nick!

You’ll be pleased to know this has an automatic chain oiling system. So you just have to fill it up whenever it’s getting low. And you can see if it’s getting low via the oil window.


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What are customers saying?

After researching a lot of chainsaws, I believe right now this is the best battery powered chainsaw in the UK.

Customers have mentioned how this very easily cuts through wood like butter. It’s reliable and can quickly clear a pile of logs in your garden.

It’s incredibly powerful for a battery powered chainsaw. It’s easy to use and operate. 

It’s quiet and you’ll be able to get lots of use from just one charge.

Overall, it’s well worth the price.

Check Price of the Dewalt dcm575x1


So that was the Dewalt dcm575x1 review.

This chainsaw is for people that want a quiet chainsaw for home use. And want a saw that can fell the average tree and split wood.

Overall, it’s a brilliant piece of kit.

Hope this review was helpful.

Happy sawing!

– Adam