Are Log Splitters Worth The Money? [Answered]

Are log splitters worth the money? Yes, electric log splitters are worth the money. They’re able to split lots of logs in a short period of time, especially when you compare it to an axe. The main types of log splitters are manual, electric, and gas log splitters. The most popular one is electric log splitters that are powerful and affordable.

Why would you need a log splitter?

There are a few reasons as to why you would want a log splitter, most obviously you need firewood.  These are great options when you have physical setbacks and want a machine that can help you efficiently split your wood.  

They also shine when you have a considerable amount of pre-cut logs and need to split them on short notice.  When you have many larger logs that need to be taken care of, whereas an axe will not be able to handle the task, a log splitter is great.  

They are not cheap so considering your options is a good place to start; do you need a log splitter or do you think you can get by without one?  I will discuss the pros and cons of each option you have today.

Types of log splitters

Manual log splitter

Of all the different kinds of log splitters, these can easily be regarded as one of the more involved kinds.  Mostly because you need to do a lot more work when compared with the others.  It is completely powered by you, the operator.  

While it is certainly easier than using an axe, you can find options that are powered by foot or by hand.  Some even come with hydraulics involved, so it’s not like you can say that it is that much more work than the other types of log splitters.

In the realm of log splitters, the manual option will be your cheapest option mostly because it won’t do as much as the electric and gas-powered ones.  You’ll need to do more of the work compared to the other two.

Electric log splitter

These can be considered the perfect middle ground between the manually powered log splitters and the gas-powered log splitters.  They are not nearly as expensive as gas-powered log splitters but can do a lot of the same size work.

They aren’t as heavy-duty as gas-powered log splitters meaning that you can move them around a lot easier.  They are much quieter as well when compared to the gas log splitters, enabling you to use them in suburban environments or even when you just want to cut wood in peace.

These are not cheap; they come in more expensive than the manual log splitters.  They are worth the money as you can save yourself the physical toll when using them.  For those with back problems, electric log splitters are a great starting point.

Gas log splitter

Gas log splitters are going to be the most powerful option you can find when it comes to splitting your firewood.  You can easily leave meter long logs in the machine and it will be able to split them. 

While the electric log splitters are more portable in terms of their weight, the gas log splitters don’t need a power outlet to operate.  With these, you can truly bring them anywhere to work.  Granted they are heavier than any electric log splitter, they often come on wheels and can be moved easily.

The price of these is more than any of the other log splitter options; especially when considering the maintenance and the price of gas.  What you get for the price, however, is unmatched.

Log splitter vs axe

When comparing log splitters to axes, the biggest difference is clear: the amount of work put in.  With axes, you are going to have to be ready for a proper workout.  Even with manual log splitters, you are not going to miss out on a workout.  

With electric or gas-powered log splitters, the advantage is the physical labor will be reduced.  The log splitters are going to cost you more than the axes but at the same time, the portability of an axe is unmatched.

Are log splitters expensive?

Depending on the type of log splitter they can be reasonably priced.  Manual log splitters are often comparable to higher-end splitting axes regarding price.  When looking at electric and gas-powered log splitters they are more expensive, dipping into the thousands.

In the long run, investing in a log splitter comes with many costs like gas and electricity.  Including maintenance costs on the machine, the expenses on a log splitter add up in the long run.  

It could be considered that log splitters are expensive when looking at the grand scheme of things.

What’s the best beginner log splitter for home use?

The WEN 56207 is the best option for you when considering all the options.  It’s an electric log splitter option that can handle up to 21 inches in wood length and 10 inches in diameter, it is a great well-rounded option for home use.  

It is still a quiet option so you can easily use it at home and not bother your neighbor. It won’t break the bank and can handle just about any task you put in front of it.