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Are Einhell chainsaws any good?

You’ve come to the right place because, in this post, I’ll be revealing what customers say about Einhell, the types of chainsaws they produce, the quality of the saws, and which Einhell chainsaw is the best.

So let’s get straight into it!

What do customers say about Einhell?

The overwhelming majority of Einhell chainsaw reviews have been incredibly positive. Users have been describing Einhell chainsaws as a hot knife through butter. A user mentioned how he cut up 2 tonnes of wood using only a quarter liter of bar oil.

The vast majority of users use Einhell to cut a load of wood that they have in their garden. They’re incredibly efficient at getting the job done and always bring enough power to cut through hardwood.

Also, their batteries last a long time. You can choose which power battery you’d like via a variety of Ah options. Their chainsaws don’t burn through the battery and it’ll last you long enough or more depending on the task and which battery you went for.

Their chainsaws are also compatible with other branded batteries so you may not have to spend extra for a spare.

There were a few negative things customers mentioned about the Einhell chainsaws. One user mentioned how the chain would stay loose and would not tighten up. Another user mentioned that the chainsaw had cracked.

It’s worth keeping in mind that a very small amount of people left negative feedback. The vast majority of users are as happy as they can be with the saw they received.

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What types of chainsaws does Einhell produce?

Einhell produces both electric and petrol chainsaws. However, the majority of their positive feedback comes from their electric line. I don’t think their gas saws are as good as their competitors. 

Their electric saws get a lot of work done, even better than some gas chainsaws. Their chainsaws are more on the low end in terms of pricing but are able to output a surprising amount of power.

Their saws are mainly designed for limbing, bucking, splitting logs, and felling small trees. Most of their chainsaw bars are 40cm/16 inches long. 

Is Einhell chainsaw quality any good?

The vast majority of users have only said positive things about Einhell saws, not complaining about the build quality. There have been a couple of people that mentioned the chain wasn’t very good but these people are very few in number and I personally would not worry about it.

Since you do get some dud products very rarely no matter what brand you are choosing.

The bar and chains are made from hard metal, allowing them to keep under lots of pressure when going through wood without breaking. You’ll be able to rip through with ease and without any issues. Their chainsaws are affordable and don’t wear out quickly.

Some of the chainsaws are made from metal but what did you expect from a chainsaw coming in at a low expense? The plastic doesn’t feel cheap and it won’t creak like cheap plastic. You’ll be safe holding it and it won’t break on you. You can trust in the build quality.

Which Einhell chainsaw is best??

The best Einhell chainsaw is the Einhell GE-LC 36. It’s powered by a brushless motor which gives it the power to cut branches, split wood, and cut down trees. You can adjust the chain tension without a tool by turning a knob. It has an automatic chain lubrication mechanism and a chain brake to prevent any kickback injuries.


Are Einhell chainsaws any good? Yes, Einhell chainsaws are good. They’re good for pruning, limbing, bucking, splitting firewood, and felling small trees. They can be powered by petrol, electricity, or a battery power source. Einhell saws are built well and don’t wear out quickly.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam