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Are Coocheer chainsaws any good? Yes, Coocher chainsaws are good. They come in at a low price but still perform like a premium chainsaw. They’re gas powered and are great for felling, cutting firewood, and limbing.

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What do customers say about Coocheer?

When you read reviews about the coocheer chainsaws, you’re going to see one thing that constantly keeps coming up

…people are talking about how much of a workhorse it is even though they weren’t expecting much.

This is because Coocheer chainsaws come in at the low end in pricing for a chainsaw but they’re able to perform on the same level as a $600 chainsaw one reviewer mentioned.

The only issue some people had was the bar oil leaking. This may be due to the oil cap not being on properly or it could have been cracked.

So make sure it’s on properly and if you’re able to, have a replacement cap.

The pull cord has a springy feel to it, making it easy to pull and allowing you to get momentum. Users were shocked since this feature is on more expensive saws and how easy it was to start.

You’ll often find reviewers mention how they had never bought from Coocheer and never even heard of them. But they decided to give Coocheer a shot and were pleasently surprised.

Customers mentioned how their old chainsaw broke and Coocheer was their go-to option out of the rest. I believe this is because of the low price point so there was nothing to lose.

It cuts like butter and is the perfect chainsaw for home users. The only downside is the occasional oil leak some customers have mentioned. But other than that, it runs like a dream.


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What types of chainsaws does Coocheer produce?

Right now, Coocheer only produces gas powered chainsaws. What’s interesting is their popular chainsaws run at 62cc and I’ve never seen that kind of power being produced from such a low price point saw. 

Their 20 inch chainsaw will cut through thick trees without a problem. Up to 18 inches is what’s recommended for a 20 inch bar but users have mentioned they’ve cut thicker trees.

It performs great with big trees, customers have mentioned that they’ve used a Coocheer chainsaw to clear fallen trees from hurricanes. 

Their chainsaws can run for hours on 1 full tank of gas which is great if you plan on taking it out and about. 

Their chainsaws are great for taking down trees 18 inches thick but if you’re looking to cut down thicker trees, you may want to look somewhere else.

I believe their chainsaws are great for beginners and experienced users alike. This is because their chainsaws are easy to start and able to cut through large wood.

You can fell trees, cut firewood, and limb with their chainsaws. When it comes to pruning, you’re going to want a smaller chainsaw with a 10 – 12 inch bar.

Is Coocheer chainsaw quality any good?

Even though Coocheer chainsaws come with a low price point, they’re made from metal. No cheap plastic is used. This came as a surprise to many customers as they had their expectation set on feeling something cheap.

But what they got instead was a high quality piece of kit that’s going to last them a long time.

Some people have mentioned that the chain becomes dull a little faster than more expensive chains out there but what did you expect? And it’s easy to sharpen the chain with an inexpenvie chain file.

Not to mention that most of their chainsaws come with a spare chain. I would recommend checking the description to see if yours will come with an extra chain.

What’s the best Coocheer chainsaw?

The best Coocheer chainsaw is the Coocheer 20. It has a 20 inch bar and is able to cut wood 18 inches thick thanks to its 62cc gas powered engine. It weighs 7kg/15.5lbs so you won’t get tired quickly when using it.

The chain runs at 8,500rpm, meaning that blade goes around the bar 8,500 times per minute. Allowing you to make sharp precise cuts, you won’t have to force the bar into the wood and just let the chainsaw do all the work.

There’s a chain brake to stop the chain from operating in case of kickback. Kickback is where the nose of the bar hits something hard and the bar flings towards the user.

The chain brake will automatically activate to prevent the sharp blades from chewing your face.

Since the chain is rotating around the bar rapidly, the chain will heat up and become dull quickly. That’s why you have to oil the bar and chain to keep it cool and operating optimally.

You’ll be pleased to know this has an automatic chain oiler so you don’t have to do it manually. You simply have to refil it with bar oil.

There’s a soft rubber handle making it easier for you to handle when operating for a long period of time. The rubber will help absorb a lot of the vibrations, preventing your hands from becoming numb.


Users have mentioned a lot of positive things about Coocheer and only a few minor cons. They produce high quality saws and are easy and safe to operate.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam