Are Battery Powered Chainsaws Safer? [Answered]

Are battery powered chainsaws safer than gas or corded chainsaws?

Well keep reading because that’s exactly what I’ll be revealing in this post.

Battery VS gas chainsaw safety

Both battery and gas powered chainsaws come equipped with multiple safety features. These features are there so that you don’t injure yourself during use.

While some features are there to help you avoid accidents in general, others help reduce the damage done in case of accidents. Most safety features are available on both gas and electric chainsaws. 

One of the major causes of accidents during chainsaw operations is kickback. This happens when the tip of the chainsaw bar comes in contact with the log you’re cutting whilst it’s running. In the case of kickbacks, both gas and battery chainsaws have chain brakes.

Chain brakes are there to stop the chain from rotating when kickback happens. The kickback will force the chainsaw up towards your face and the chain brake is there to automatically stop the chain from operating to protect you from extreme damage.

Even though both gas and electric chainsaws have a chain brake, the difference in the weight means gas chainsaws have the potential to do more damage.

Chainsaw parts labelled explained

Sometimes, if the chain is too loose, the chain might come off the bar. When this happens you’ll be in serious danger because it will come off while rotating at a high speed. To stop this from happening, chainsaws, both gas and electric, have chain catchers. This hook-like material will catch the chain in case of such incidents to protect you from lethal injuries.

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In some cases, chainsaws might run without you being ready to handle it. This means you might not be in the proper position or the chain might not be clear of obstacles. To avoid injuries caused by accidental starts, chainsaws have safety throttles.

Safety throttles prevent the chain from rotating by accidental pushes on the trigger by obstructions such as branches. That way, you’re protected from injuring yourself or others in case of accidental trigger pushes.

In older model chainsaws, anti-vibration systems didn’t exist. White finger, an injury caused by excessive vibration on the arms, was very common. But modern electric and gas chainsaws have anti-vibration systems.

When you’re running your chainsaw, you won’t feel as much vibration because of the two-part design on modern chainsaws. You can easily handle your saw due to the damping mechanism. Less vibration also means you can better control your chainsaw.

Battery chainsaws are a lot easier to start than gas chainsaws. For battery chainsaws you don’t need to pull a cord, starting it is as easy as pushing a button. Another thing I need to mention is battery chainsaws don’t have fumes.

So if you’re working in a poorly ventilated environment, you’re better off using a battery chainsaw. Sound is also another subject where battery chainsaws have an advantage. You have a better chance of being heard or hearing someone call you when using battery chainsaws.

Not only that but, when you’re not actively using the electric chainsaw, it’s almost completely quiet. So the loud noise you subject your ears to during operations is cut down. That’s a lot better for your ears. 

Besides the weight difference, gas and electric chainsaws for the most part have the same safety features. But that doesn’t mean the weight and other small features don’t make a difference.

Having better control over your chainsaw is always good and less weight means more control. Think of it this way, if you had to control a machine that might cause injury, would you rather have it be lighter or heavier?

Are corded electric chainsaws safer than battery chainsaws?

Corded electric chainsaws are great because you don’t need to refuel or recharge, but are they safer than their battery powered counterpart? If we are talking about stamina, then hands down the corded chainsaws have the advantage.

Not just that but corded chainsaws also have a lot more power than battery powered chainsaws. Some corded chainsaws are even as powerful as some gas chainsaws, now that’s saying something. But let’s talk about safety features.

The first thing to mention is the weight, the battery in battery chainsaws will add extra weight. It might be small in some cases but it’s extra weight nonetheless. 

The irony with corded electric chainsaws is the fact that what makes it a great chainsaw to buy is what also makes it dangerous. The corded electric chainsaws are a trip hazard. If you aren’t careful, you can trip and fall with a chainsaw in your hand. Another issue besides being a trip hazard is entanglement.

The cord could wrap around obstacles around your workspace making it a bigger hazard. In such cases, the battery chainsaw is better. Due to it’s all wireless function, there are no trip hazards. There is also no way it’s going to wrap around anything.

So if you want to climb a tree to cut down a few branches, trust me when I say the cordless battery powered chainsaw is the way to go.


Are battery powered chainsaws safer? Battery powered chainsaws are safer than gas or corded electric chainsaws. This is because there’s no trip hazard whereas a corded chainsaw is a trip hazard. Battery chainsaws are easier to start and lighter in weight when compared to gas chainsaws.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this post.

Happy sawing!

– Adam