What Can A Used Chainsaw Chain Be Used For? [Answered]

What can a used chainsaw chain be used for?

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Reapply to the chainsaw

Chainsaw sprocket

Having a dull blade on a chainsaw is a slow and dangerous way to cut. When your chainsaw blade gets dull, these are the steps to take to re-sharpen it.

Get a round file and mount it in the file guide, hold it at about a 30-degree angle. Put the file and file cutter near the end and atop the bar. Make one stroke while you maintain the right angle on the cutter.

Then, use even and steady strokes with the file. Complete six strokes on each cutter until it becomes shiny silver. Release the chain break after you’ve sharpened a significant amount of cutters to give you more cutters to sharpen.

Each time you sharpen, ensure you use the filing guide to check the depth gauges’ height. If they protrude over the guide, use the flat file to file them flush.

When you want to apply the chain to the bar, ensure you do not make the same mistake as everyone. Make sure the tooth bevel is facing forward, as it is common for people to apply the chain with the tooth bevel facing the back of the saw.

To tell that your chainsaw chain has gone beyond sharpening, you would notice that the teeth left on the chain are too small that they start to break off.

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How Do You Maintain the Chain on Your Chainsaw?

Just as it is with any of your other equipment, you have to ensure that you take good care of your chainsaw, especially the chain, to ensure that it does not lose its efficiency. These are the steps you should take to ensure that the chain on your chainsaw remains in optimal shape.

Monthly Maintenance

I will start with the monthly maintenance routine; ensure you perform these steps monthly;

Clean the tanks 

Ensure you clean the tanks monthly as there can be a gunky residue from old gasoline.

Check the clutch and fuel filter

 Inspect the clutch for wear. Also, check the fuel filter, clean it and replace it if needed.

Check the chain brake band 

Inspect the chain brake band and ensure that there are no cracks.

Weekly maintenance

Clean the carburetor

Ensure the carburetor is cleaned every week.

Wipe the fins

The flywheel fins should be cleaned to ensure the proper functioning of the recoil spring

Check anti-vibration wear and tear 

Inspect to ensure that these elements are not getting torn or soft.

Daily maintenance

Check for any loose  parts

Ensure that you tighten all the loose parts of your chainsaw

Rotate the bar and keep  a clean filter

Turn the bar before you use it. Also, ensure that the air filter of the saw is clean before use.

Test the trigger

Make sure your throttle trigger is operating smoothly before each use.


Taking your chainsaw to a metal recycling organization would allow it to go through the metal recycling process. 

The first step is the collection process, where the metal is collected and placed in specialized containers. 

It’s then sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable categories. Finally, the metal recyclables are put into a shredder, which would break down the pieces before it would be purified and melted under immense heat.

You can recycle your chain and make it into artwork. For instance, you can opt to carve your chainsaw chain into a cross to be put in your home or shop. 

Some other designs you can go for include the scorpion-like lamp, metal art octopus, and other sculptures.


A used chainsaw can be used again if you resharpen it. If it’s beyond resharpening you can use it as decoration for arts and crafts. Or you can simply recycle the used chainsaw chain.

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Happy sawing!

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