Should I Rent Or Buy A Chainsaw?- Pros & Cons

Should I rent or buy a chainsaw? This all depends on how much you use it. If you plan on using it a lot, it’s best to buy one as you’ll be saving money. If you only need a chainsaw occasionally, you’ll be saving money by simply renting a chainsaw.

Benefits of renting a chainsaw

Great for small tasks and use for one time needs

If you’ve got a few small tasks you need to do, renting a chainsaw is the best option. You can save a lot of money by renting if you’ve got a one time job like felling that tree in your yard and cutting up wood.

But what if I’ve got a task that’ll take a couple of weeks?

If you have a big task that’s going to take a couple of weeks, you’ll have to discuss this with the person lending you the chainsaw. You need to let them know exactly what you’ll be doing, most places will allow you to rent a chainsaw for multiple weeks at a higher expense.

Using a chainsaw for trenching
Using a chainsaw at night
Is a pole saw worth it?


When renting a chainsaw, you’ll be saving money. You don’t have to pay that big expense and the expenses which come with maintaining a chainsaw. 

Instead, it’ll be a lot cheaper for you. If you can’t afford to hire a tree surgeon to remove that tree, just do it yourself by simply renting a chainsaw.

Not much maintenance involved

As time goes on, the effectiveness of your chainsaw will decrease. The chain isn’t going to be as sharp, it may be overheating, the bar may be burnt, and there can be more issues.

This all comes with using your chainsaw a lot. It’s frustrating figuring out what’s wrong and then you may have to spend some money getting it fixed.

Cons of renting a chainsaw

Expensive if you’re doing a lot of work

If you’re going to be needing a chainsaw throughout the year, it’s best to just buy one. Just get it over and done with because you’ll be saving money in the long term.

It can be incredibly expensive if you’re constantly renting a chainsaw.

How much does it cost to rent a chainsaw?

In the USA, you can rent a 20 inch, gas chainsaw for $272 for 1 week. SOURCE You can rent a 16 inch, electric chainsaw for $188 for 1 week. SOURCE

In the UK, you can rent a 15 inch, 2 stroke chainsaw for £136.50 for 1 week. SOURCE You can rent an electric chainsaw for £80 for 1 week. SOURCE

Benefits of buying a chainsaw

It’s yours forever

It feels better to be using a chainsaw that’s actually yours and not one lent to you. You can handle it as you want without the worry breaking it and paying the expense. It’s yours forever!

Cheaper if you’re using it a lot

In the long term, you’ll be saving money. The cost of renting a chainsaw can easily add up, especially if you’re always running out to the shops to get one. Just bite the bullet and get one already.

Cons of buying a chainsaw

Expensive upfront costs

When buying a chainsaw over renting, the initial cost will be a lot more. 

Lots of maintenance

You need to be constantly maintaining your chainsaw. Making sure it’s well oiled, no debris, and the chain sharpened.

It’s a constant battle but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one if you’re using your chainsaw properly and cleaning it after use.


Renting and buying a chainsaw all depends on how much you’ll be using it. In short, you should rent a chainsaw if you’re going to be using a chainsaw once or twice a year. And you should buy a chainsaw if you plan on using it consistently. You’ll be saving money this way.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam