Electric VS Gas Wood Chipper [Which Is Better?]

Electric vs gas wood chipper, which one is better?

Well, that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

So, let’s get straight into it!

Pros and cons of a gas chipper


These are the major advantages to having a gas chipper;

Quicker performance

A gas chipper is known to be very time conscious when it comes to reducing debris on your lawn to a fraction of its size. This is because of the hefty engines they come with, enabling them to chop branches and pulverize leaves in a more efficient way. 

Good for multitasking

While the gas chippers are good for slaughtering branches, they are also made for shredding leaves. Thanks to this, you would have organic materials that are completely ready for fertilizer and composing.

Greater power

A gas chipper is most likely going to offer noticeably more power than its electric counterpart. They come with beefier motors that provide greater power for dicing and slicing leaves, twigs, and branches. This would also result in fewer cases where the chute gets clogged by un-chopped debris.


Produces noise and fumes

When working with a gas chipper, you would notice it is not as quiet as its electric counterpart, and it also produces a significant amount of gas fumes.

Pros and cons of an electric chipper


These are the major pros of an electric chipper;

Less noise 

Unlike its gas-powered counterpart, the electric chipper does not give off much noise while it’s in use. Also, it’s known to do a cleaner job.

Affordable and safe

Electric chippers can be purchased at a more budget-friendly price than their gas-powered counterparts. Also, you can use an electric chipper safely indoors.


Must be plugged in

Since it is an electric chipper, it has to be plugged in at all times, which would reduce its portability.

Should I buy a gas chipper?

If you need a chipper that is powerful and reliable enough to chip through dense and hardwood, you should opt for a gas chipper.

These gas chippers come available as tow-behind models, which can be attached to an ATV, tractor, or mower. They also have portable models, so it is the ideal choice if you need to take it along with you to a worksite.

There’s a gas chipper for all your needs, whether you want to make compost or mulch from larger leaves or branches or you want to make your lawn beautiful by cleaning up the debris.

Should I buy an electric chipper?

Whether or not you should buy an electric chipper comes down to the purpose a chipper would serve for you. It is not an easy and quick process for the piles of leaves to decompose into the earth.

Normally, you would keep your yard clean by raking the trash and packing it into trash bags. However, your job gets a -whole lot easier with an electric chipper.

It is important to note that electric chippers are to be used for small things, as shoving a branch with a diameter of more than 2 inches would be too stressful.

So, opt for an electric chipper if you need to shred smaller pieces of organic matter into small bits.