How To Store Firewood In The Garage [Easy Guide]

Can you store firewood in a garage? Yes, you can store firewood in a garage. However, you need to check for bugs as firewood can be covered in them. So make sure to use pesticides but not too much as breathing it in can harm you. Be careful of any fire hazards like gas cans … Read more

Will Firewood Dry In A Pile? [Everything You Need To Know]

Will firewood dry in a pile? To answer this, let’s start with the very basics of why things dry. Nature thankfully wants to be in balance that’s why warm things cool and sadly our drinks get warm. So, the individual pieces of wood will seek to balance with the ambient humidity.  Logs from freshly sawn … Read more

Top 5 Worst Wood To Split [Hardest Woods By Hand]

What is the worst wood to split? Well, keeping reading because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.. Almost every survey of difficult woods to split for firewood will have elm close to the top of the list. What makes a wood easy or difficult to split and then secondly how does … Read more