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So you need something to clear a bunch of trees in the yard. But you also don’t want to spend a lot of money.

I’ve got your back

…because in this post, I’ll be revealing the best inexpensive gas chainsaw as well as some other options for you to choose from.

These will be cheap and affordable chainsaws but they’ll also be able to get the job done. And last you for years to come.

Let’s get straight into it!

Best Overall Salem Master 5820G 58CC
  • Great for cutting any tree
  • 18 inch bar
  • Shock absorbing
  • 18 inch bar
  • Quality materials
  • Great all around chainsaw
Salem Master 4216F 42CC
  • 16 inch bar
  • For small and medium trees
  • Looks amazing

Salem Master 5820G 58CC (Best)

Check Price of the Salem Master 5820G 58CC
  • 18 inch bar
  • Gas
  • Weighs 17.96lbs

18 inch bar

This has an 18 inch bar that’s good for felling small, medium, and some large trees (no wider than 20 inches).

This will allow you to fell most trees out there. You’ll also be able to split wood without an issue. You’ll be able to clear a bunch of logs that are in your yard.

58cc engine

58cc is on the more high-end side of power when it comes to chainsaws. In fact, many users were shocked at how powerful this is. Especially for an 18 inch chainsaw.

You’ll be able to cut through hardwood like oak trees as if they were butter. It operates at 8,500rpm, this simply means that the chain rotates around the bar 8,500 times per minute.

Allowing it to cut incredibly sharply and precisely.

Auto Oiler

As you’re cutting, you’re going to be creating a lot of friction with the chainsaw. The chain is rapidly turning around the bar and wood is wrapped all around the bar.

All this friction will cause heat and a lot of heat will damage the chainsaw. That’s why you have to lubricate the chain with oil. You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to lubricate the chain manually yourself.

In fact, you just have to fill the bar oil tank and it will automatically apply the oil for you. Easy-peasy! 


When you’re using a chainsaw, there’s so much vibration. This can numb your hands and cause you to lose control. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a shock absorbing system built into this.

It will minimize the amount of vibration. Allowing you better control and reducing fatigue so you can operate this machine for long periods of time.


I’ve done a lot of research on inexpensive gas chainsaws and I think this is the best one. You get a long bar and a powerful engine at an affordable price. What more could you want?



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Check Price of the Orcish
  • 18 inch bar
  • Gas powered
  • Weighs 17.86lbs


An 18 inch bar is enough to cut down small, medium, and some large trees. When it comes to large trees, I wouldn’t recommend cutting above a 20 inch tree.

If you have some fallen trees out in the yard, this is a great way to quickly cut them and clear them up. 


52cc is enough to handle any type of wood, including hardwood like oak. You won’t have an issue getting your blade through. Just make sure you’re not cutting down a bigger tree than 20 inches.

Otherwise, you could get the bar stuck and you might not be able to create a big enough stump.

Automatic oiler

The automatic chain oiler is there to protect your saw from heating up. When you’re cutting, there’s a lot of friction being created. This friction will cause heat and too much heat will damage the saw.

That’s why the automatic chain oiler will lubricate the saw for you. You simply have to re-fil it. No manual work required.

Quality material

The overall chainsaw is made from reliable materials. The bar and chain are made from quality metal to prevent them from bending and breaking easily. You can rely on this for years to come.


This chainsaw comes with quite a few features but the price does not reflect that. You wouldn’t expect those kinds of features in a chainsaw at this price. You won’t be making your wallet cry when choosing this.

Salem Master 4216F 42CC

Salem Master 4216F 42CC
Check Price of the Salem Master 4216F 42CC
  • 16 inch bar
  • Gas powered
  • Weighs 14.62lbs

16 inch bar

The 16 inch bar was designed to fell small to medium sized trees and split wood. And it does exactly that without an issue. The bar is made from a hard material as well as the chain. Allowing it to cut better and last longer.

Gas powered

This gas powered chainsaw operates at 42cc. So there’s plenty of power for splitting wood and cutting down medium sized trees. It’s great for felling trees and clearing those fallen trees.

Auto Oiler

This chainsaw has a mechanism that automatically oils the chain. This will prevent the bar from burning and the chain from dulling so quickly.

You simply have to top it up with bar oil when it’s getting low. It’s really that simple.


Not many chainsaws out there are real lookers but this is. It’s stunning. Sure, you don’t buy chainsaws for the looks but seeing a good looking one is nice. It’s just something worth considering.

Well priced

This is reasonably priced for what you get. You can fell medium sized tree and split the wood. That’s what this was designed to do.

Heck, you can even do a bit of pruning with it since it doesn’t weigh much. Overall, it’s a solid chainsaw that’s well priced.


So those were the best inexpensive gas chainsaws out there on the market today.

I dove deep into my research and made sure to pick the best affordable options out there.

Hope you enjoyed this guide.

Happy sawing!

– Adam