Best Chainsaw For The Money [Top 9 Picks]

Are you looking for the best chainsaw for the money?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

I’ll be covering both electric and gas chainsaws. So let’s get straight into it!

Best Overall Coocheer 
  • Powerful 3.5 HP Motor
  • Vibration Absorbing Handle
  • 20 Inch Bar
  • Hardened Steel Chain Bar
  • Long Life 20V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Wrap Around Handle
  • Tool-Free Tensioner
Husqvarna 135 Mark II
  • Powerful X-Torque Motor
  • Vibration Absorbing Technology
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • Brushless Motor
  • Long Battery Life
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication
  • Light Weight
WEN 4017
  • Powerful 2.2Nm Power Output
  • Vibration Absorbing Handle
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • Extension Cord Wrangler
Worx WG322
  • Powerful 20V Motor
  • Ergonomic Control Handles
  • 10 Inch Bar
  • Compact and Portable
Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS
  • Heavy Duty 42cc Two-Cycle Engine
  • 3 Point Vibration Absorption
  • Quick Start Technology
  • Poly Chassis
Craftsman 41AY4216791
  • Powerful 42cc Motor
  • 3 Point Vibration Absorption
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • Lightweight Chassis
Craftsman Electric
  • Powerful 12Amp Electric Motor
  • Lightweight
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

1. Coocheer – (Best Overall)

Check Price of the Coocheer
  • 20 Inch Bar
  • 62cc Gas Powered 3.5HP Motor
  • 15.5 Pounds / 7 Kilograms

Bar Size

The 20 inch bar allows you to easily cut through trees up to 18 inches thick. The bar will comfortably accommodate straight-through cuts or cookie cutting of 18 inch thick stumps. Individuals who have mastered their chainsaws could conceivably fell trees with a 27 – 33 inch diameter. 

The unit is equipped with a low-kickback chain that ensures greater safety for the operator. 

Powerful Engine

With a running speed of up to 8500 rpm, the powerful 3.5 HP motor will have you cutting both hardwoods and softwoods effortlessly. The 62cc motor delivers steady power at medium-high noise levels. 

The 2-cycle motor requires engine oil mixed into the gasoline at a 25:1, fuel to oil ratio. The chainsaw is shipped with a fuel mixing bottle to help you take the guessing out of mixing while guaranteeing optimal engine lubrication.

Handling And Weight

The Coocheer comes equipped with a steel, front handle arm, that is coated with anti-slip material, ensuring maximum safety and precision cutting. The arm enables the chainsaw to be used at a variety of angles, helping you deal effortlessly with even the most complex cutting projects.

At a lightweight 15.5 pounds, the Coocheer can easily be carried long distances to sites where vehicle access is limited. 

The padded handle serves as a shock absorber, limiting vibration to your guide arm and reducing fatigue.

Chain And Lubrication

The automatic oil supply and lubrication system ensure adequate lubrication to the hardened steel chain bar and low-kickback chain. The automatic oiling system keeps your chainsaw cutting smoothly for prolonged periods. The Coocheer is ideal for heavy-duty applications and all-day cutting projects.


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2. Black+Decker

Check Price of the Black+Decker
  • 10 Inch Bar
  • 20V Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw
  • 7.6 Pounds

Bar Size

When cutting straight through, the 10 inch bar is ideal for cutting trees and branches up to 8 inches thick. You could also easily do cookie cutting on 8 inch logs and fell trees of up to 15 inches, provided you know what you’re doing.

The 10 inch bar is however ideal for pruning and estate maintenance. The size makes it perfect to handle in tight spaces where long bars could pose serious safety risks. 

Electrical Convenience

The powerful 20V Lithium-Ion battery will keep your chainsaw operating long enough to take down medium-sized trees and trim them into chunks. You can purchase long-life batteries and keep a few spare. The high output batteries can be swapped out whenever needed. 

The convenience of not needing gasoline makes this chainsaw perfect for gardening enthusiasts. Two batteries are ideal since they charge quick enough that you can recharge one battery fully while working with the other one, ensuring continuous operation. 

Handling And Weight

Weighing in at a mere 7.6 pounds, the Black+Decker is ideal for pruning work and also for garden enthusiasts who may find heavy equipment tiring. The weight refers to the tool without a battery fitted, but the batteries do not add much additional weight. 

The chainsaw is supplied with a heavy-duty wrap-around handle. The anti-slip plastic handle keeps the weight down while enabling convenient switching from horizontal to vertical cutting. 

Chain And Lubrication

The low kickback chain and 10 inch bar are automatically lubricated during operation. The filler cap for the chain-oil tank is conveniently situated on the top of the chainsaw. This allows for convenient top-filling of the chain oil reservoir while preventing inconvenient leaks during periods when the saw is not being used.

Tensioner System

The Black+Decker’s tensioner system allows for tool-free adjustment. Once again demonstrating the convenience of use for gardening enthusiasts and making this chainsaw ideal for quick small jobs by simplifying operation and maintenance. 

3. Husqvarna 135 Mark II

Husqvarna 135 Mark II
Check Price of the Husqvarna 135 Mark
  • 16 Inch Chain
  • Gas Powered
  • 4.7 Pounds

Bar Size

The 16 inch bar hits the sweet spot between the pruning saw and small tree felling saw. It’s small enough for homeowners and garden enthusiasts to be used for pruning and firewood cutting. While at the same time being large enough for felling 14 inch trees without any difficulty. 

Experienced operators could expect to fell trees of up to 24 inches. 

Powerful Engine

The powerful gas driven motor is equipped with Husqvarna’s exclusive X-Torque engine technology. The benefits of this innovative system is that it allows for reduced fuel consumption and lower gasoline emissions. You can now landscape to your heart’s content with the knowledge that you are limiting emissions. 

Handling And Weight

At a feathery 4.7 pounds, the Husqvarna can easily be handled without causing extreme fatigue in the arms and shoulders. This back-saving lightweight machine is ideal for light-duty jobs while also packing high-output capacity for prolonged use. 

The anti-slip, fold-around handle ensures stability and top performance during both horizontal and vertical cutting positions. 

Husqvarna’s “Low Vib” anti-vibration technology reduces motor vibration feedback to the operator, saving your arms and increasing safety. 

Chain And Lubrication

Chain tensioning is simplified by the side-mounted tensioning system. This allows for quick adjustments while you are working. 

The automatic oiler keeps your chain and chain-bar optimally lubricated ensuring long chain life and smooth cutting. 

Air Filter Cleaning

If you are like me and hate having to clean the air filter before use, you will love the quick-release air filter hatch. A single clip releases the air filter cover, making cleaning a trouble free experience. 

4. Dewalt

Check Price of the Dewalt
  • 12 Inch Bar
  • 20V Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw
  • 8.8 Pounds

Bar Size

This Dewalt comes shipped with a 12 inch bar so you will have no problem cutting wood up to 10 inches. Though the smaller bar is ideal for pruning and cutting firewood, this chainsaw is more than powerful enough to fell trees 10 inches thick. 

An Oregon bar, equipped with a 0.043 gauge, low kickback chain, will handle all your cutting jobs with ease. 

Experienced operators should easily fell 14 – 16 inch trees with this heavy-duty battery operated chainsaw.

Electrical Convenience

This Dewalt chainsaw is driven by an electrical motor that runs on two 20V lithium Ion batteries. The powerful motor can drive the chain at speeds up to 25.2 feet per second. 

It is worth noting that this chainsaw is part of Dewalt’s range of, 20V Max, heavy duty tools range. Once you own a set of batteries and a charging station, you can buy up to 100 different Dewalt tools that all run from the same battery system. 

This also makes it the ideal unit for someone who already owns a Dewalt charger and at least two 20V Max batteries, and decides they want to expand their tool range. 

This is also the ideal unit for gardening enthusiasts who want the convenience of not needing to keep gasoline around or having to go through the effort of mixing fuel, particularly for small jobs. 

It’s worth noting that this unit is shipped with a brushless motor. Brushless motors outperform motors that are equipped with electrical brushes. Not only does it increase efficiency but your motor will run for longer before requiring maintenance or repair. 

Handling And Weight

At a lightweight 8.8 pounds, the DeWalt can be handled by professionals and hobbyists with back-saving ease. Powerful enough to get big jobs done but lite enough that you won’t feel excessively fatigued after a day spent cutting wood.

Chain And Lubrication

The 0.043 gauge chain and Oregon bar are automatically lubricated. There is a chain oil lubricant indicator, and you need to remove one of the batteries to fill the chain oil reservoir. 

5. WEN 4017

Check Price of the WEN 4017
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • 12 Amp Electric Motor
  • 10 Pounds

Bar Size

With the WEN’s 16 inch guide bar you will be able to slice through 14 inch wood like a hot knife through butter. The WEN chainsaw is shipped with an Oregon bar and has a wood munching 56 drive-link chain. 

The 16 Inch bar strikes a good balance between pruning and felling, making this chainsaw ideal for gardens and a handy addition to any tool shed. Experienced operators will be able to take down trees of up to 20 inches without breaking a sweat. 

Powerful Electric Motor

The WEN’s motor provides 12 amps of sawing power. Kicking out 2.2 Nm of torque and driving the chain at a whopping 44 feet per second. This may seem a bit much for home use, but the lightweight design and easy handling make this chainsaw ideal for gardening enthusiasts and professional landscapers alike. 

The unit has a built-in cable strain relief notch that helps wrangle extension cords and ensures that the chainsaw remains plugged in, even during heavy-duty projects. 

Handling And Weight

The compact powerhouse weighs in at a wispy 10 pounds. Easy to handle and control while limiting operator fatigue. With sturdy control handles and a conveniently positioned speed control lever, this chainsaw performs equally well in both horizontal and vertical cutting positions. 

Chain And Lubrication

The auto oiling system will keep your chain and chain bar constantly lubricated. This lubrication system not only ensures smooth operation but also extends the life of your equipment.

The oiling system’s refill cap is conveniently situated on top of the chainsaw next to the throttle handle. You can visually monitor the lubricant level to ensure the chain lube reservoir stays full.

The WEN is also equipped for tool-free chain tensioning. A knob located on the side of the chainsaw allows access to the bar and chain sprocket for easy cleaning and tensioning. 

6. Worx WG322

Check Price of the Worx WG322
  • 10 Inch Bar
  • 20V Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw
  • 6.2 Pounds

Bar Size

The Worx is equipped with a 10 inch bar. You can use it to fell trees up to 8 inches thick and cut 16 inch logs already on the ground. This is the ideal chainsaw to have in your garage for general use. From cutting down trees and pruning limbs, the chainsaw can also help you clear up storm damage.

20V Lithium-Ion Convenience

The Worx chainsaw is a cordless electric chainsaw that runs on a 20V lithium-Ion battery. It is the same battery technology that drives larger tools in the Worx range of garden accessories, like their battery-operated lawnmowers.

These batteries can be swapped out among various Worx cordless tools, making it an ideal system for garden enthusiasts or landscapers to invest in. The batteries have built-in power level indicators so you can monitor power levels and also check the charge on spare batteries.

Handling And Weight

The Worx chainsaw is feather-lite. At a negligible 6.2 pounds, it weighs as much as cellphones used to weigh back in the 1990s. The ergonomically designed control handles enable easy cutting in both vertical and horizontal positions. 

The unit is also very compact, and can easily be stowed in large tool boxes or the trunk of your vehicle. 

Chain And Lubrication

Not only does the Worx have an Auto-Chain lubrication system, but it also automatically adjusts the chain tension. Chain tension is an important determinant for prolonging chain and equipment life, and also to keep the chainsaw cutting optimally.

7. Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS

Check Price of the Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS
  • 14 Inch Bar
  • 42cc Gas Powered Motor
  • 13.87 Pounds

Bar Size

The Remington is equipped with a 14 inch bar. This little powerhouse will easily fell trees up to 12 inches thick and cut logs of up to 24 inches that are already lying on the ground. This premium 14 inch bar will ensure clean cuts through the toughest woods while the low kickback chain provides enhanced operator safety.

Powerful Engine

The Remington is equipped with an industrial-strength 42 cc, full-crank, two-cycle gas engine. The engine has been specially engineered to deliver greater power and less vibration than competitor models. 

Quick-start technology ensures easier pulls and quicker starts, allowing you to focus on getting your work done without the hassle of yanking a stubborn engine into life.

Handling And Weight

The Remington chainsaw is built into a lightweight durable poly chassis. Not only does this cut back on weight, but it increases durability while enhancing performance and minimizing user fatigue.

The three-point anti-vibration system reduces feedback to the user, creating a more user-friendly experience. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a more balanced feel while allowing for greater maneuverability during operation.

Chain And Lubrication

An adjustable auto oiler will keep the chain optimally lubricated while also enabling the operator to increase the rate of lubrication during heavy-duty applications.

A side-mounted tensioning system allows for quick adjustments, saving time and ensuring optimal cutting tension while working.

8. Craftsman 41AY4216791

Check Price of the Craftsman 41AY4216791
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • 42cc Gas Powered Motor
  • 21.6 Pounds

Bar Size

The Craftsman comes equipped with a 16 inch bar for hassle-free felling of up to 14 inch trees. You can also easily cut up to 28 inch logs once they are on the ground. 

The 16 inch bar is a great size for estate maintenance, gardening, and clearing storm damage. 

Powerful Engine

A professional quality 42cc full crank two-cycle motor allows for quick and clean cutting and pruning. The gas-powered engine generates more than enough power to handle the toughest projects with ease. Hardwoods beware!

The engine incorporates quick start technology and the controls for easy startups are conveniently situated close by the throttle handle.

Handling And Weight

The aluminum wrap-around front handle is coated with an anti-slip cover, giving you full control and enhanced maneuverability. The angle of the handle enables quick adjustment of the hand position for cutting in both vertical and horizontal planes.

The lightweight and durable chassis reduces user fatigue without sacrificing equipment quality and ruggedness.

Chain And Lubrication

An adjustable auto chain oiler ensures that your chain and bar are lubricated continuously. The low kickback chain adds a level of safety while the easy-view window on the bar oil reservoir ensures that you can easily monitor oil levels.

9. Craftsman Electric

Check Price of the Craftsman Electric
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • 12 Amp Electric Motor
  • 6.2 Pounds

Bar Size

The Craftsman Electric is fitted with a 16 inch bar and will easily handle trees up to 14 inches thick. Stumps of up to 28 inches can be cut once they are lying down.

The Craftsman is ideal for pruning and garden maintenance and will come in handy to clear storm debris.

Powerful Electric Motor

The 12 Amp motor delivers high output cutting ability. The chainsaw’s handle has a built-in cable wrangler that keeps your electric motor plugged in and running, allowing you to focus on cutting. 

Handling And Weight

At an airy 6.2 pounds, the Craftsman weighs slightly more than a large bottle of soda. The front control arm enables full positional control while enabling you to easily adjust cutting angles.

The ease of handling makes this the optimal saw for garden enthusiasts or landscapers who may need to clear some wood close to a power source.

Chain And Lubrication

The chain and bar are lubricated automatically by the Craftsmans auto-oiler system. The refill cap is conveniently situated close to the controls and an easy-view window allows you to monitor oil levels.

The Craftsman further features a tool-free chain tensioning system, allowing you to adjust chain tension for optimal cutting.


The best chainsaw for the money is the Coocheer. It has a 20 inch bar, 62cc gas powered 3.5HP Motor, and weighs 15.5 Pounds / 7 Kilograms. It can fell large trees up to 18 inches thick with ease. You’ll be able to buck with it and do general woodworking with ease.

Hope you found what you were looking for in this post.

Happy sawing!

– Adam