Are Manual Log Splitters Any Good? [Answered]

Are manual log splitters any good? Yes, manual log splitters are good. They typically have 10 tons of splitting force which is enough to split logs up to 8 inches wide. Since they’re manually powered, you don’t need any gas or electricity to use them.

Types of Manual Log Splitter

Hydraulic Manual Log Splitter

There are a lot of gas-powered and electric log splitters that make use of hydraulic pistons to drive a wedge into a log. But if you don’t want to use a tool with an external power source, you should opt for a manual hydraulic log splitter.

With a hydraulic manual log splitter, you are required to pump a set of handles just as you would with a car jack. The force that is produced is what pushes the wedge through the wood and splits it.

Splitting Axe

A splitting axe is a tool that is designed to wedge its way between wood fibers, thereby forcing them apart. It possesses a tapered head that weighs around 3 to 6 pounds. The force of the wedge causes the wood to split when you swing the axe down. 

You can use a splitting axe for a longer period and it’s also lighter than a splitting maul. You can either opt for one with a composite handle or a wooden handle. 

The composite splitting axes are more durable and lighter than the wooden variants. But, both options are still tremendous.

Kindle Splitter

A kindle splitter is an ergonomic log splitter that takes away the hazard of swinging an axe when looking to create your kindling. With this kind of splitter, you can create kindling and firewood with only a tool. 

You can easily store it when you’re not making use of it. It can also be mounted securely to any stump. It enhances your swing’s splitting pressure, which allows you to split hardwoods with up to 14 tons of force with ease.

Your arms and back don’t have to do the heavy lifting, because this smart splitter makes use of weight to drive the blade through the wood. When the assembly is complete, it is 4ft tall and weighs 21lbs.

What kind of power does a manual log splitter produce?

With a log splitter, you use handles or a foot pedal for hydraulic pressure movement, and as such your manpower is required to build pressure to the hydraulic oil for log splitting. 

Also, there is no external power source for manual log splitters.

How fast can a manual log splitter split?

The speed at which a manual log splitter splits boils down to the physical strength of the user. This is because the main source of energy required to operate is your strength. So, the stronger you are, the faster you split with a manual log splitter.

Manual log splitter vs gas and electric log splitter

With a manual log splitter, you don’t need to use gas or electricity as it is a traditional way of splitting wood. But, you are required to do manual labor.

Your arms or legs are used to operate these splitters, so they rely on your physical strength. However, it is without a doubt that utilizing a manual log splitter is not as challenging as using an axe.