Are Chainsaws Waterproof? – Use It In The Snow? [Answer]

Are Chainsaws Waterproof? No, the overwhelming majority of chainsaws are not waterproof. A chainsaw is either electric or gas powered. You should never drown your chainsaw underwater. 

There are only a few chainsaws designed to cut underwater. However, you typically cannot purchase these at your local retailer.

They’re more for commercial use and cost a lot of money.

Can a chainsaw be used in the rain?

Yes, a chainsaw can be used in the rain. But only if it’s raining lighter drops. If it’s heavy rain, it will be incredibly difficult to see and you can slip which is dangerous. Gas chainsaws will do fine in the rain but you should never use an electric chainsaw in the rain. Also, it’s safe to cut wet wood in the rain.

If water gets into the gas tank, this could damage the chainsaw. Water and gas don’t mix well and you’ll have to empty out the gas and pour some new gas in. So make sure the gas cap is sealed tightly.

And the same applies to the bar oil tank. Sure, it won’t stop your chainsaw from working. But it could stop the bar oil working as it should. This could decrease the lifespan of the bar.

After you’ve used your saw in the rain, make sure to wipe it down. Don’t let any part of it stay wet. If you do, this will cause your chainsaw to rust.

Also, after you’re finished with the saw, leave it running for a couple of minutes to help it dry further. This will help get rid of moisture that could rust your saw.

Make sure to clean the air filter. When cutting wet wood and your air filter is full, it can cause your saw to choke.


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Can you use an electric chainsaw in the rain?

Yes, you can technically use an electric chainsaw in the rain. However, it’s strongly advised not to since electricity and rain don’t go well together. Wait for it to stop raining and you can use your electric chainsaw on wet wood. That’s safer than using it during rainfall.

I left my chainsaw out in the rain

If you left your chainsaw out in the rain, make sure to get rid of the gas, clean the entire saw with compressed air including the sparkplug. Make sure it’s dry, then keep pulling the cord on full throttle to pump out the bad gas. After this, it should start.

After it’s up and running, you should let the saw warm up to allow the air and fuel mix in the right ratio at a constant temperature.

Watch how to start your chainsaw that’s been left out in the rain:

Is it easier to split firewood wet or dry?

It is easier to split firewood that’s dry since there’s less moisture the saw has to go through which can make wood tougher. However, you can still comfortably split wet wood with a chainsaw that’s either gas or electric powered.

What is a Hydraulic chainsaw?

A hydraulic chainsaw is powered by a stream of high pressured liquid instead of an engine. The chainsaw is connected via a hose to an electric or gas pump. The pump sends liquid via the hose resulting in the chain rotating.

A hydraulic chainsaw can work underwater because there’s no gas or electric being exposed to the water. It’s one of the strongest power tools out there.

Unlike your typical chainsaw, a hydraulic saw’s chain rotates forward. So when you’re cutting underwater, the piece you cut off does not fling towards you but away from you.

Another thing that allows it to operate in water is its lightweight. Since it does not have any gas in it or even an engine, this gets rid of a lot of weight. 

What is a Pneumatic chainsaw?

A pneumatic chainsaw can be used underwater since it’s powered via air or gas by a hose. Not allowing the gas or air to be exposed to water. They’re typically low maintenance and easy to start up.

A pneumatic isn’t as strong as a hydraulic chainsaw because it’s harder to maintain high pressure air.

Can you use a chainsaw in the snow?

Yes, a chainsaw can be used in the snow but it’s highly recommended that you don’t. You’re not always able to see what you’re cutting and you could slip which can be fatal. With the freezing temperature, moisture can accumulate in the sprocket and become frozen, jamming your saw.

Does snow dull a chainsaw?

Pure snow and ice have little effect on the dulling of your chainsaw. However, when the snow is mixed in with dirt, mud, and general debris, this can quickly dull your chainsaw.

Is frozen wood harder to cut?

Yes, frozen wood is harder to cut because it adds another hard layer on the wood. To combat this, you should first sharpen your chain, let the chainsaw warm up to help melt the ice, and cut at full throttle for the best cut. 

What’s the best chainsaw for cold weather

The best chainsaw for cold weather is the Husqvarna 130. It’s gas powered so it can withstand the cold weather. It has a 16 inch bar so it can cut down trees, split wood, and limb. Weighing in at 10.3lbs so it’s easy to carry around. There’s also a chain brake to prevent any kickback injury.

You can read about our review on the Husqvarna 130 here.

Final words

It’s going to be noticeably more difficult to use a chainsaw in wet, damp, and cold weather conditions Vs dry weather conditions.

However, you can still complete tasks with your saw as long as the weather isn’t extreme. If that’s the case, leave it for another day.

Happy sawing!

– Adam